Company Overview


Our Profile

WETA is a financial services company, providing short term working capital loans to meet specific projects, factoring of receivables as well as assisting with the creation and preparation of strategic business plans for small businesses.

Our commitment at WETA is to develop and create specialized financial packages wherein "the specific financial need of each individual business entity" can be mutually resolved. In short, WETA’s primary objective is to always strive for a win-win solution in every financial transaction.

Our Stakeholders

WETA’s business principles are based within the laws of Barbados as well as the corporate disciplines associated with any well managed and regulated financial institution. As such all of WETA’s business policies and principles will be transparent and communicated on a clearly defined basis to its various interest groups: customers, shareholders, employees and business partners.

Our History

WETA FINANCE INC.(WETA) was incorporated under the companies Act Cap 308 of the laws of Barbados on August 19, 2009 by two Barbadian Business Executives, Juan Alfonzo Watson and Hudson Ernest Seymour Wynter; the company’s shareholders.

Our Corporate Responsibility

WETA’s main concern is to practice good corporate governance and to be known within the business community as an outstanding corporation serving the needs of the small business sector. WETA’s corporate responsibility is the fundamental principle on which the company’s business strategy has been developed. Therefore each and every business decision reached must be based on the company’s slogan "We Exist to Assist" and not merely dependent on the profitability of the transaction to the company’s stakeholders.

Our Board of Directors

Based on WETA’s primary objective to assist small businesses, its shareholders have selected and appointed three other independent directors, to complete the full complement of five directors mandated in the company’s by-laws, to sit on its Board of Directors.