Financial Services


Short Term Loans

In any small business, eventualities and /or opportunities will occur wherein the need for short term working capital will arise to address a specific order and it is on these occasions that WETA FINANCE INC.can be of assistance. WETA’s short term loan facility has been specifically developed to assist with unsecured short term working capital facilities, where the business has secured a specific written contract/agreement for the provision of goods or services. Repayment term for such short term facilities is 60 days, but WETA is prepared to consider on a case by case basis facilities up to 90 days and over.

Lease Financing

Lease financing of equipment for the generation of income will be considered if a specific written contract/agreement exists from which fixed weekly or monthly payments can be assigned. At the end of the lease period no balloon payment will be required, the equipment would be transferred to the lessor at a fixed sale price of $500.00.

Factoring of Receivables

Should your business be required to convert its current receivables to cash to assist with its cash flow requirements, WETA is prepared to review the receivables and provide immediate cash for those receivables at a discounted rate which will be determined on the term and risk associated with the specific receivable. The collection of the receivable then becomes the responsibility of WETA FINANCE INC.

Mortgage Broker Services

Should you or your business wish to convert any existing liabilities into an existing mortgage loan thereby significantly reducing your monthly commitments, WETA is prepared to review these financial obligations in conjunction with the equity in the property and present a formal credit proposal to financial institutions for their favourable consideration. The mortgage brokerage fee only becomes payable when the proposed mortgage refinancing is approved by the financial institution.

Strategic Business Plans

Every successful business entity must have direction if it is to grow and become competitive within the industry in which it operates. As such performance can only be measured against expectations to determine whether the business entity is performing efficiently and meeting the objectives set. A strategic business plan thus provides the framework and blue print to assist small businesses to effectively measure success whilst avoiding the normal pitfalls associated with small business operations.

Credit Proposals

The success of credit applications presented to financial institutions is dependent on the thoroughness of information provided and the institution’s assessment of the viability of the business which has requested its financial assistance. Therefore business credit applications should be specific and contain the requisite financial projections to demonstrate the entity’s ability to service the credit line being requested.

Management of Project Funds

This service affords a small business operation, which has successfully tendered on a project but lacks the requisite financial management skills, to effectively manage the disbursements during the tenure of the project. The financial management of the project funds becomes the responsibility of WETA FINANCE INC.; however, the business owner continues to be fully responsible for the management of all the works and/or services that are to be provided.